Upon completion, graduates with B.Com (CS) will have the following competencies.

PO1Graduates will possess the necessary knowledge and skill to shine in their professional careers in Corporate World.
PO2The graduates will fit into the industrial needs.
PO3The graduates are guided to become entrepreneurs, leaders or responsible executives in the organisation.
PO4Graduates will be able to prove proficiency with the ability to participate in competitive exams.
PO5Graduates will be able to do higher education and advance research in the field of commerce.




The Curriculum and Syllabus for B.Com (CS) adapts to outcome base learning process. On successful completion of this programme, Students will be able to:

PSO1Impart basic values such as emotional and social so as to make him socially and emotionally competent
PSO2Learn relevant financial accounting skills and applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge in their careers.
PSO3Acquire the skills like effective communication, planning and decision making, organizing, directing, controlling and problem solving in day to day business affairs.
PSO4Identify the scope, role and function of the company secretary and apply them in the employing organisation.
PSO5Prepare consolidated accounts for a corporate group and reporting requirements of the Companies Act.
PSO6Acquire practical skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.
PSO7Understand how the business organisation work by applying economic principle in their business management.
PSO8Acquire practical knowledge on the implementation of the finance, HR and Marketing principles with the help of Institutional Training.
PSO9Impart the concept and various applications of computer and its uses in business such as e-commerce, EDI, Networking, Tally etc.
PSO10Insight on Banking Regulation Act and knowledge on Indian Banking System.
PSO11Understand the concept relating to entrepreneur and analyze the role and responsibility of entrepreneur, which will help him to take critical decision.
PSO12Understand the cost accounting principles, which will help him to prepare various costing techniques.
PSO13Recognize the nature and behaviour of human resources and its significance in the organisation.
PSO14Provide an in-depth knowledge on the provisions of income tax and familiarize with recent amendments in income tax.


Faculty - Aided

Mr. M. Irshad Ahmed

Dr. M. Irshad Ahmed
Assistant Professor & HOD
Department of Corporate Secretaryship
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Mr.K.N. Jaffar Sadique

Mr.K.N. Jaffar Sadique
Assistant Professor
Department of Corporate Secretaryship
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Mr. K. Md. Edrees

Dr. K. Md. Edrees
Assistant Professor
Department of Corporate Secretaryship
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Faculty - Unaided

Mr. K.S. Mohamed Omer

Mr. K.S. Mohamed Omer
Associate Professor
Department of Corporate Secretaryship
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