Internal Quality Assurance Cell


To check the Accreditation Status of an Institute in A&A process

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of C. Abdul Hakeem College was established on 05.01.2006 as a post accreditation quality sustenance measure for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up-gradation of the College. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC has become a part of our College system and works towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The IQAC makes a significant and meaningful contribution in the post accreditation phase of institutions.

IQAC of the College facilitates the attainment of the following objectives.

  • To focus on institutional functioning towards quality enhancement and facilitate internalization of the quality culture in the College.
  • To the enhancement and integration among the various activities of the College and institutionalize the healthy practices.
  • To provide a sound basis for decision making to improve the Teaching Learning process of the College.
  • To maintain the quality of academic and administrative work in the College.
 1Mr. S.Z. Abrar Ahmed Sahib,Secretary / Correspondent.
 2Dr. S.A. SajidPrincipal
 3Dr. A.K. Ibrahim SheriffCo-ordinator
 4Mr. M. Mohammed FarooqueOffice Superintendent
 5Mr. T. Md. AmeenIndustrialist
 6Dr. H. Munavar JanAsso. Professor in History
 7Mr. Shaik Mohammed RaffiAsso. Prof. in Mathematics
 8Dr. A. Abdul RahumanAsso. Professor in Zoology
 9Mr. M. Peer MohamedAsso. Professor in Physics
10Mr. P. Mohamed VaseemAsst. Professor in Commerce
11Dr. A. Sait Sahul HameedAsso. Professor in Zoology
12Mr. C. Mohamed ZafrullahAlumni Representative
13Mr. U. PeerEducationist
14Mr. Ameenur RahmanStudent Representative
15Mr. A. AnbarasanStudent Representative
  • To develop action plan for academic year.
  • To conduct Annual Internal and External Quality Audit (Academic Audit).
  • To arrange Faculty and Student Orientation Activities.
  • Documentation of the various programmes / activities of the institution leading to improvement.
  • The Cell prepares a report on the activities of the college in the academic year under review and forwards the same, through the Principal, to the Officials in NAAC to keep them in touch with the progress of the activities on the campus.

The Coordinator
Internal Quality Assurance Cell
C. Abdul Hakeem College (Autonomous)
Hakeem Nagar, Melvisharam - 632 509.
Vellore District, Tamil Nadu,
Phone: +91 4172 266487